Tips to survive waiting line at DMV

Dept. of Motor Vehicles is known to have notoriously long queues which is said to test even mentally strong citizens. One can simply walk into the department on any day, have the number assignment picked up, take a seat and then sit for hours together, until the person’s number is called. The chairs present there are very much uncomfortable and air conditioning thermostat is put to bone-chilling. This could really prove to be too much for the person, but with some tips and suggestions, it is very much possible for the individual to get the work done without much effort and hassle.



Being prepared

It is very important for the individual to be prepared while coming to the DMV. This does not simply mean that the tabela fipe is  individual should come with the required documentations that are needed to complete the mundane tasks that are to be accomplished. This also effectively means that the person needs to bring with some something for passing the time, to distract oneself from the prolonged wait. Some ideas can be easily tried out while trying to have the driver’s license renewed.

  • It would be wise to take a newspaper, magazine or book along. The person would not know how time would fly, if he is completely engrossed in the wonderful novel, news column or article. They are easier to bring along and also do take very less room.
  • People who are busy in their work can just bring along their laptop. They can work online, offline according to their schedule, which would mean no waste of time. Some can listen to music, watch movies, play games and do just about anything on the laptop to pass the time.
  • One can bring their MP3 player, and enjoy the music until their number comes. Listening to soothing sound is sure to keep the person relaxed and mellow.
  • Another effective way would be to bring puzzle or riddle book. Games such as crossword puzzles, Sudoku can be interesting and keep the person busy.

People who have attended the Dept. of Motor Vehicle for any purpose have found that it is a long wait that they have to undertake and coming empty handed would mean frustration and waste of time. But, since the work is important and cannot be neglected, the wait can be fruitful and rewarding, only if the person comes prepared with something that would keep him engaged throughout.

Summary: The Dept. of Motor Vehicle is a very busy place, such that there are long queues of people waiting for their chance to come. Hence, coming adequately prepared can save them from running away and also get their work done.


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